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The First Nations Child & Family Caring Society and the Assembly of First Nations of Canada successfully argued before the Human Rights Tribunal that Canada has discriminated against First Nations children living on reserve and in the Yukon. The Tribunal’s decision is here. The Tribunal awarded $40,000 to each of those children and some of their family members (parents and grandparents).  Canada is challenging this decision in Federal Court.

There is a parallel, ongoing class action relating to Canada’s discrimination against First Nations children. If the class action is successful, those class members may be entitled to compensation. Those who may qualify for compensation are: Millennium ScoopFirst Nations children who were taken from their homes on reserve and placed in state care or foster care between April 1, 1991 and February 20, 2019. survivors, certain family members of those survivors, and Jordan’s PrincipleFirst Nations children who were rejected by the Federal or Provincial government or suffered significant delays in receiving requested health or social support. applicants. Take our quiz to help you determine if you may qualify or not.

Compensation has not been finally determined in the case before the Tribunal or the class action. The compensation order made by the Tribunal is being challenged in the Federal Court. The class action is still in its early stages – lawyers for the class members are now working on gathering information that will eventually be used to help distribute compensation if the class action is successful.

This won’t cost you anything to apply.  Any compensation for the lawyers in the class action will be determined at a later date by the Court.

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We are currently gathering information about potential affected individuals. If you think you qualify for compensation as either a Millennium Scoop survivor or a Jordan’s Principle applicant, please take the quiz below and provide detailed information about your experience so that we can let you know whether you qualify.


Once we have received information from potential class members, we will review the information and assess who qualifies.


The Tribunal and the class action may take a while (possibly years) to proceed to a resolution, and financial compensation is not guaranteed. However, if compensation is to be paid, we will contact everyone who has signed up with us to notify them of how and when compensation will be distributed. Please sign up for updates or check our updates page regularly.

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Note: These quizzes are just tools to help you determine if you might qualify for compensation. Taking a quiz does not affect any of your rights. Feel free to take them as many times as you need if you can’t remember exact dates on your first try.

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